I’m working on a huge project for a while now, and it’s about ready to launch. So for the next week or two, updates will be very random, or none at all. When I get this project up, Handheld Wii will also get an upgrade as well.


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Puyo Pop 7 Screens

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A nice little interview with Hudson on all their WiiWare titles. and what their future plans are for the service as well as DSiWare.

Q: Why have you been so motivated to include online in many of your WiiWare games. Do you plan to continue to do so with future WW titles?
A: As customers purchase WiiWare titles via internet, we believe customers can enjoy our titles much deeply by including as many online features as possible such as an online battle mode and ranking leaderboards.

Interview Here


The Mother Handbook is now available for free in low resolution PDF format. If you like what you see, you can buy the high resolution version for 6 bucks.

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