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Iwata Asks: Punch-Out!!

Another installment of Iwata Asks! Today we have Punch-Out!! interview with some Nintendo history thrown in for good measures. Again, this is as long as all the other Iwata Asks segments so make sure you have plenty of time to read it.

Iwata Asks


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Fun With Stereotypes


Come on, admit it, you think the ridiculous stereotypes in Punch-Out!! are pretty funny. Like this stereotype of Nintendo being too careful with lawsuits and changing Piston Honda’s name to Piston Hondo! GamesRadar put together a nice article detailing these stereotypes.

Article Here

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Punch-Out!! Reviews


All Punch-Out!! reviews are gathered here. So far so good. This game offers the same addictive gameplay and some real challenging fights. This post will update when new reviews come in.

IGN review

Globe and Mail review

1Up review

Game Informer review

Gamepro review

Joystiq review

GamesRadar review

Destructoid review

Gamespy review

CrispyGamer review

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I didn’t even know there was a rumor of the 14th character in Punch-Out!!. Well, turns out that rumor is true! If you’re afraid of spoilers for a boxing game, then please don’t watch this video. Who knows what else might be hidden in this game.

Or maybe you can watch this video with your eyes closed, cause the music is just too damn amazing.

Better Quality Here

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Better Quality Here

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Better Quality Here

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Piston Hondo Video

BTW, I just realize it’s Piston HondO, not Piston Honda. Nintendo changed it for obvious reasons. Still, why? It’s pointless if you can’t keep the original name. They should have gave us Piston Hurricane instead.

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