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I made a slight change to the wording of to a few sentences that I over looked. I wish Terranigma Freak would have went ahead and started arguing with people sooner, so I could pick up the error. It’s nothing major, and not worth reading again if you already finished it. Just a few minor points clarified is all.


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I won’t be reviewing Cruis’n because I only have a limited amount of time for games, and I’d rather be playing and reviewing good games than a lousy piece of crap like Cruis’n. Besides, racing’s not my thing.


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Gametrailers video

We Love Golf ‘jungle hills’

We Love Golf ‘hole 17′

We Love Golf ’seaside resort’

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Lame sauce delux screens.

Actually, it’s called Harukanaru Toki in 4 by Koei. Looks pretty lame compared to the cool historical game by Koei. Release Romance of the 3 Kingdoms 11 Power Up Kit in American instead, dammit!

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The writer seems to have enjoyed Wiifit a bit, but it was obvious it’s not going to hold him over for long. I really think people should stop trying to look at Wiifit as a game and more as a tool. Yes, the most non-game game so far.

Nintendoworldreport Preview

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You really want to know about this game right? Yeah, I thought so, so here’s the review. No, I’m not going to review this game and waste my time on it.

Game Vortex

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