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Mega Man X9 Might Not Suck

This interview is too good to pass up for any man who’s a fan of the Mega Man. Seems the success of MM9 is making Capcom consider Mega Man X9 following similar foot steps. Truth be told, I have Mega Man X biased. I was actually introduced to the Blue Bomber with MMX. Before, I only caught a glimpse of his games on the NES, but never got any real hands-on time with them until many years later.

Interview At 1Up


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I heard of the Madden Curse, but outside of knowing the name, I don’t know what’s the deal. This article is very interesting to read, especially for those of us who doesn’t keep up with this stuff. Still, I think some of them are stretching it a bit.

Fear The Madden Curse

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Looks like we have a crime spree on our hands, folks. A couple of Gamestops have been robbed in Sacramento by thugs. Some might say it’s karma for all the people Gamestop’s ripped off. I just hope those guys took a few copies of Grand Theft Auto IV. I mean, if you’re gonna rob the place, you might as well spend your free time living your fantasies in a virtual world.

Full Story Here

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Gadget Orchestra

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Legacy of Ys: Books I & II Screens

More At Wiiz

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I don’t know whether the soundtrack is good, but it’s still a very nice gesture to offer it for free. Go download it and check it out.

Free Soundtrack Offer

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This guy has a ton of DK Jungle Beat videos so check out his Youtube channel to see them all.

DK Jungle Beat Videos

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