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Go to the gallery in the official site.


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New Kore Gang Footage

You have to keep watching. The footage is in the show.

Slightly Better Quality

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MadWorld Preview

Yes, Kotaku does actually play games. They also have a MadWorld preview up. They did have a valid concern about the game too. I guess we’ll find out when the game is complete.

Impressions Here

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Making Of The Conduit


This article is really long. I haven’t even finish reading it. You’ll find out just how much effort and thought put into the game compared to others, and the difficulty they had trying to get a publisher… at first.

Here’s another area we’d like fan feedback on… In every game I’ve worked on, there’s always a debate over whether single-player cheat codes should be in the game. Stuff like infinite ammo, invincibility, that kind of thing. Every game has them during development to help during debugging, and sometimes they are left in, and sometimes they are pulled out at the last minute. When they are pulled out, it’s usually because the team is worried that it will take too much time to test them to make sure that everything in the game still plays the way it was intended. When they are left in, it’s often because the team thought that fans won’t mind if cheats allow you to do something you should not be able to, they are just a way to get some more fun out of the game you paid for. What do you readers think? We’ll be watching the comments and it really will help influence whether we leave cheats in or not.”

Article At IGN

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Slightly Better Quality Here

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The Conduit Impressions

Yesterday, we had tons of MadWorld impressions, and the day before we had Sonic and the Black Knight (ok, only one). We should be seeing The Conduit today.


The Conduit impressions from Kotaku. They liked it. I didn’t know they play games when they aren’t looking for porn related gaming news.

Impressions Here

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Phantom Brave Trailer

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Better Quality At Gamekyo

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