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De Blob Is NOT de BOMB

Not de Bomb in terms of sales, that is. For a no name game with no advertising and support, de Blob managed to sell a respectable 700K worldwide without a price drop. THQ also has other games in the works. Now let’s sell some Deadly Creatures!

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Excitetruck with Robots


Well, looks like ExciteTruck is getting a sequel in the form of Excitebots. I’m going to assume it’ll be like Excitetruck… but with robots? This is weird. This is too strange for me to comprehend. We need screens.

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PES 09 Trailer

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Interesting. All 25 games are original games without any ports or whatever. Let’s hope that at least 10 of them are good games. EA has been making an effort to support the Wii, but some outlandish decisions are still hurting their images with Wii owners.

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I didn’t jump the gun of Retro Games Challenge 2 because I know there’s a text adventure within the game. There’s no way I can get through that. I’m just as curious as anyone about the sequel. Man, I wanna play Mutekiken Kung Fu.

Impressions At Wired

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MadWorld Gameplay Video

Better Quality Here

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While I’m not overly negative on the prospects of Dead Space being an on-rails shooter, it’s funny to see EA try to spin it.

MTV Multiplayer: “Dead Space Extraction” has been announced as a first-person addition to the Dead Space franchise. I understand that that means the game will be on-rails, as opposed to being a standard first-person shooter, but can you clarify exactly what kind of game this is and how we’ll be playing it?

Papoutsis: “Dead Space Extraction” is a Guided First Person Experience. The player will be presented with many choices as they play the game, ranging from which path they wish to explore to maneuvering in Zero-G. The game is being developed from the ground up to leverage the unique controls of the Nintendo Wii. Players will use their Wii Remote to aim and dismember oncoming enemies as well as use other mechanics from “Dead Space” such as Stasis and Telekinesis to name a few. When we started designing Extraction, it was important to us to make sure the Controls on the Wii felt natural and made sense. Having the use of motion controls opened up a lot of interesting possibilities for the game that we hope players will enjoy.

Guided First Person Experience? Really? How about: “Walking In First Person Without Any Control”. At least they’ve confirmed Zero-G and other gameplay mechanics.

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