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De Blob Trailer.

I’m having some trouble posting this trailer here, so please click on the link below to see it.

Trailer At Wiitalia


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I can’t say I care too much about MySims Kingdom, but SimCity Creator’s got my attention. Hell, even MySims Kingdom isn’t looking so bad after seeing the Ubi Soft crap. I know I’d gladly take it over anything from Ubi Soft now.

Screens For Both At Watch Impress

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Rhapsody DS Screens

More At Watch Impress

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TOS2: DOTNW screens.

I’m really starting to get hyped over this game. Be sure to click on the link below for even more screens!

More Screens At neogaf

Even More Here.

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G4TV’s got a little spoof movie of the King of Kong. They call it K2: The King, The Kong And the Ugly. Check out their trailer and be sure to watch it when it’s on. Or not, since nobody’s gonna force you.

Link To Trailer

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“Nintendo of America debuted the WiiWare addition to its Shop Channel on May 19 and the service, which enables Wii owners to connect online and download original Wii games, has proven to be a success story ever since. Titles like LostWinds and Dr. Mario have provided players extra incentive to boot up their Wii consoles again and again, but Nintendo hasn’t pulled back the curtain on its continuing plans for WiiWare just yet, and so a number of questions remain. How many games will launch each week? How many are in the queue? And are demos of WiiWare titles a possibility going forward? NOA’s senior director of project development, Tom Prata, gives us some answers below.”

Full Interview Here

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Wii Love Golf screens

More Screens At ShackNews

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