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Princess And Knight Screens

What the hell? This game’s already in English? Is it even coming out here? At least we can all play the game even if it doesn’t get localized.

More At Famitsu

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Hahahaha, I can’t believe this. I know STDs is no laughing matter, but come on: Win a Wii to get tested? You might as well promise sex to whoever that goes to get tested for STDs. Are people that afraid to get tested for a piece of mind? Or just use a condom on your Wii! Sorry, I just had to.

Get Tested Kids

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SkeleTONS Of Gaming

A great feature for Halloween. GamesRadar is giving you a look at all the skeleton enemies throughout gaming history. I don’t think they’ve come close to covering them all, but you can’t fault them for trying.


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Wow, and… wow! I said wow. Did I mention wow? I gave this extra attention because they are wow worthy. These are day and night compared to the old screens (which can still be seen). Ok, so they aren’t 360/PS3 quality, but they still look damn good. It really doesn’t take much to impress me; especially on the Wii. Man, I wish I had a Wii… or have time to fit another system into my schedule.

More At IGN

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It’s too bad Deadly Creatures missed it’s Halloween release date. At least we know they’re taking the time to polish the game, and that can only lead to good things. In the meantime, we’ll just have to read more previews and dream of being a giant hairy ugly tarantula.

Preview Here

Reason For Delay

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Monster Hunter 3 Preview

A little late for TGS impressions, but I guess people can’t get enough of Monster Hunter 3 for the Wii. I assume MH fans will be right at home with this game from the detailed impressions. BTW, I remain skeptical about this game’s Wii exclusive status. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

Preview At Eurogamer

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