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Kizuna Screens

I saw the site the other day, but it was laggy as hell, and too dark to see much of anything. Famitsu now has the same screens up in much better quality.

More At Famitsu


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Fifa 09 All Play Screens

More At Wiiz

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World of Goo Leipzig Video

Found On Revogamers

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Samba De Amigo Video

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The Conduit Hands-On

Didn’t HVS say they’re not using the WiiMotion Plus for The Conduit? Gamespot seems to suggest otherwise. I don’t see how it’ll help though. The pointer works really well in other Wii FPS games.

Hands-On At Gamespot

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Yeah, someone actually likes Wii Music. This is from 1Up of all places. I don’t like music games of any kind, so I don’t really see myself liking this anymore or less.

Preview Here

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Tenchu 4 Scans

More Here

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