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That sure as hell doesn’t look like a woman to me. Men can cook too. Man, woman, makes no difference, though. This game better be good.

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Yeah, we all know Mega Man 9 is finally coming. Unfortunately, I can’t say I’m very excited. For one thing, this is Capcom we’re talking about. Wii owners will most likely get screwed over this deal somehow. Going back to the NES style is cool, and yet also feels like they’ve completely run out of ideas so let’s just use nostalgia to pull everyone in. I just want Mega Buster and slide confirmed to make me feel better. In the meantime, check out Gamesradar’s Mega Man retrospective.

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Rock Band Review round-up

Rock Band’s out, and so are the reviews. I know a lot of people are looking forward to this, so I’ll gather all the reviews I can find and keep this bumped.

Crispy Gamer Rock Band review

GamesRadar Rock band review

GamesInformer Rock band review

Game Daily Rock band review

Gamepro Rock band review

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Deadly Creatures Hands-on

I love bugs, insects and arachnids. I’m not sure how other people feel about such things, though. Here’s an excerpt that sums up the game very nicely:

“It’s all down to the sound effects, an area the Rainbow Studios developed game excels in. From the bone crunching snap of insect limbs to the squelch of fangs entering abdomen on flesh, Deadly Creatures is guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine and will probably give arachnophobics a nervous breakdown.”

Oh yeah. Sounds like my kind of game!

Full Hands-On At Video Gamer

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Ok, multiple choice question: Just by looking at the name, what kind of game do you think this is?

A. A well designed triple AAA product from 3rd parties.

B. A fairly good effort that deserves a chance.

C. A piece of crap that wants to capitalize on Wii Sports, but is nowhere near as good.

D. The sequel to Big Mother Truckers.

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From what I’ve read about this game, this doesn’t sound like my kind of game. To me, a hard RPG is just another way of saying you have to grind more, which isn’t my definition of fun. Still, DS fanboy gave it a very high score, so if you’re into it, go check out the game.

Full Review At DSF

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Madden NFL 09 screens

More At Wiiz

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