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It was only a month or so ago that Luc Bernad’s creation was slammed by critics across the board; and then he announced quitting the gaming scene. Now he’s bringing the canceled GBA Eternity Child to WiiWare as EC2. The game looks like a good SNES platformer from the good old days. There’s even video of this game! Check it out.

Full Story At WiiWare World


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Samba De Amigo Video

Uploaded By Nintendo-Town

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GameDaily Review: de Blob Review

I think this pretty much confirms it. De Blob rocks. It’s been getting nothing but solid scores all around. Now what this game really needs to do is to sell! If you’re still not convinced, maybe this review will.

Review Here

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This is from Dan Hsu’s Behind the Scenes: Gaming Journalism article. He’s spilling the beans on how Japanese companies treat American Journalists during their visit to their company.

Editors fly to Japan fairly regularly to visit Japanese game studios. And those studios and their respective publishers will usually entertain these editors — dinner, drinks…the usual. But I guess flying into strange, alien lands deserves high-end hospitality, so Tecmo in the past has treated their American journalist guests to evenings out at Japanese hostess bars, watering holes where women are paid to keep customers company (not necessarily in a “me so horny!” way…it’s more of a “let me keep filling your drinks and you are so funny and handsome and wonderful and let me hang on to your every word!” male-insecurities-nuking thing). Maybe that in itself is nothing shocking, but this part might be: Tecmo has literally spent thousands of dollars giving a very small handful of American editors some lady companionship for one night. Thousands. That’s some pricey conversating. – Dan Hsu

So some people hire girls to pretend they care about what you’re saying, while Tecmo hire girls to sleep with you. That about sums it up. Hey, since I run my own site, that would make me a game journalist too! Awesome! I gotta find out what other perks I get by reading the rest!

Full Story Here

By the way, I was being sarcastic about me being a journalist in case you couldn’t tell.

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New Gardening Mama Screens

More At Dengeki

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Marble Saga: Kororinpa Screens

More At Gonintendo

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Rygar Preview

Gamepro has a preview for Rygar: The Battle of Argus. I’m not really sure how I feel about this game. On one hand, it’s an enhanced port of a PS2 game, on the other hand… it’s a port of a PS2 game. I don’t recall Rygar being particularly good on the PS2. Oh well, at least they have a nifty video for you to see.

Preview & Video Here

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