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SpeedZone Interview

Remember that weird racing game called SpeedZone for the Wii? You know, the one that supports 8 players split screen? Wii’s World has a new interview with the folks making this game.

WW: The game features a split-screen option for up to 8 players, isn’t that going to look crazy on smaller screens?

AM: It’s optional! The game supports all combinations from 1 to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Most people will be zoned out in 1 player mode running at 60fps. But when we’ve opened it up to focus groups the multiplayer race and battle modes tend to be in 2 player split or quad screen.

And sure, it will also do 8 players simultaneously. On a 50″ plasma it looks fine, but if you’re really determined to play it on a 14″ portable tele, then sure, it will look small.

Interview Here

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For some reason, WordPress doesn’t allow videos from this site to be posted. No idea why, but click on the link to see TrackMania for the Wii.

Video Here

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More At Famitsu

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Let’s Tap Reviews


Let’s Tap isn’t getting the good reviews I expected. There are many good reviews mixed with some bad. At least the price is relatively low for this game.

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