Work On Hold

More work needs to be done on my project. Work here will be on hold. I’ll post a new link once I’m finish with it. I’ll probably move out of wordpress.


I am speechless… This is just amazing, and even more amazing is how the Wiimote can play a role in this. Just watch the video and read the link provided.

Full Story Here

Better Quality Here

Iwata Asks: Punch-Out!!

Another installment of Iwata Asks! Today we have Punch-Out!! interview with some Nintendo history thrown in for good measures. Again, this is as long as all the other Iwata Asks segments so make sure you have plenty of time to read it.

Iwata Asks

Better Quality Here

Famitsu Scans

Here are some scans for Tower of Shadows for the Wii and Rune Factory 3 for the DS.


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Back, But Not Yet Done.

Ok, the project is not moving as smoothly as I want it, so instead of wasting time mulling over that, I’m back to keep Handheld Wii updated.